Monday, June 21, 2010

Seeking Home Based Agents

West Corporation is an outsourcing company that is currently seeking individuals to work from home as Customer Service agents. You may work on a variety of products or services and handle concerns about billing issues, interviewing, sales, and even technical support. Schedules are very flexible, which is great for those who have kids or even another job. An application must be completed online through their website. Free online training is provided to help you succeed,and you will be paid for it.Upon hire and prior to training, employees must pay $29.95 for a background investigation and submit it. Your computer must meet certain technical requirements, such as having Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher and have a Cable or DSL Internet Connection. As far as benefits, medical and dental benefits are an option. Pay varies since West offers schedules based on a per minute, per call, and hourly rate, but you can always expect to make at least what the minimum wage is for the state you reside in. To find out more information, CLICK HERE!