Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Earn FREE Products

This site contains products that you can actually get FREE. Some of them do not require a credit card or purchase to get your Free gift. In order to earn some gifts, you must complete surveys. Others require you to sign up for free trials to earn the gift. The offers have been broken down very well into categories to help you. You can actually earn some nice gifts and give them away for the holiday season or sell them for profit. CLICK HERE

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Top Paid To Read Programs

I have reviewed various PTR programs and have found that there are a lot of them that do not pay. STAY AWAY FROM PROGRAMS PROMISING TO PAY YOU $80 FOR EACH EMAIL READ. THESE ARE SCAMS! Although PTR progrmas won't make you rich, you can generate a little extra money. The more referrals you have the better. One thing you may want to do if you are having trouble getting referrals is to offer them something FREE for staying active for one month and earning at least $4.00 or upgrading to premium. You may wnat to offer them a FREE ebook or something like that. I have listed below the best PTR programs.

***I am offering a FREE one year subscription to Wired Magazine to everyone who signs up for Clixsense and upgrades to premium or accumulates $4.00 in one month. The upgrade is well worth it at $5.00 for a year because they have over 300 ads daily for premium members.Just email me at loveisunconditional@gmail.com after signing up.

1. Clixsense - allows you to earn up to five levels deep. Earn 10% of revenues collected and 50% on upgrades to premium. Payout is $10.00

2.Inbox Dollars . They put $5 in your account just for joining. Get $5 for every referral that reaches paypout. Payout is $30.00

3. SendEarnings works the same way as Inbox Dollars. Payout is also $30.00

4. Hits4Pay gives you a $10 sign up bonus. Earn 2 cents for each email that you read and 1 cent for the emails your referrals read. Payout is $25.

5. Cash4Offers payout is at $25. Get paid for reading emails and completing offers.

A Great Program For Affiliates & Those Wanting To Work From Home

Mint Jobs is an excellent program both for affiliates and for those wanting to work from home. If you wnat to be an affiliate Mint Jobs Affiliates - Make Money! . You will earn 15% commission on every affiliate you refer. You will also earn $34.95 per sale and the product is only $49.95. That's 70% in commission from your own sales. Commmission is paid every 2 weeks by the way.If you are looking to work from home, they provide you with real companies looking for people to work from home. As a bonus, you will also receive a FREE website. CLICK HERE if you're ready to start making money from home.